Others May Not Fully Understand.

September 12, 2013
Kuala Perlis..

People who don’t support you and discourage you may not actually be bad people who intentionally want to destroy your dreams.

Sometimes, they just don’t understand why you do what you do, so they voice out their concerns, which may make them seem dissenting.

I personally try not to take it to heart when people discourage me. I see it as they need a little education and explanation. Or sometimes, I just ignore them.

If anything, since they don’t fully understand, I don’t see why it’s something to be upset over.

Sea..? What do u thing? Relex or Not?

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  1. Balasan
    1. Ciptaan Allah... this is the place that i feel more relex, there is no people around here.. this place is near at pulau ketam, perlis

  2. gambar indah tapi airnya xcantik...ehehe

    1. masa ni senja la.. hehe, airnya memang xleh mandi, sbb bnyak pokok bakau dn batu


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