Perlukah Motivasi Untuk Teruskan Hidup?

Oktober 27, 2013

Once one brother have been asked about a question.

Why there are people who are motivated in doing something and on other side they are not motivated. Some people are motivated in study, but in doing outdoors they are such lazy. Sometimes we could find people who are actively involved in doing community works, but in the other hand they are not so good in study. Also there are people who are very committed to their job in workplace but when they return home, nothing they can do but being a lazy guy. Some also good in religious things, but they are failed doing other non-religious things.

This brother answered.

It is all about motivation. someone do something because "there is" motive behind it. Either they got something from it, they satisfy someone because of it, or they are happy to do it. Thats all.

Lets people balance ourselves, do motivate ourselves in doing what we should do. For muslims, actually all of us got two life to be live. One at here and another in hereafter, this world is important because this is place we live before the next live. But be remember, next life is longer. Be prepared by motivate yourself. For those who're over motivated in doing outdoor things, as a student please find any motivation source. Know you potential and try to build it up.

Therefore, we should keluar di jalan Allah  to learn self-motivated to do good to Allah.

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  1. i'm highly motivated to read comics... erghhh.... lagha~~~

  2. whatever the motive.. biarlah motif yang baik..hehe..

  3. assalamualaikum zul....motivasi yg baik..;)


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