Sometimes Others Are Insecure.

Februari 27, 2015
 My Last Bonsai and It Still Awsome!!

Sometimes when people don’t support what you’re doing, it may be more about them than you. It could be plain ignorance or even jealousy, but some people tend to attack things that are new to them. So again, don’t take their words to heart. If their criticism isn’t constructive in any way, they may be discouraging you because of their own fears and insecurities.

Alhamdulillah, right now i'm trying to survive with my new environment. Just got a job that match with my qualification, got a room for rest, has own money to survive in this world. Setakat ni semua ok, masih terkawal cuma agak terkejut dengan perubahan suasana sekarang. Aku masih tak percaya dengan apa yg aku buat sekarang ni.

Harap-harap semua berjalan lancar dan dapat kembali blogging.. 

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