Whatsapp as the main medium social communication.

Mac 13, 2015

I'm using Calme phone made of Pakistan, its cheap about Rm200 and its good.

       The continuing decline of telephone culture: A recent Pew report showed that in 2012, 80 percent of cellphone users used their phones for texting; in 2007, just 58 percent did. In late 2007, according to Nielsen, monthly texts outpaced phone calls for the first time. Personally I seldom use the phone app. on my Phone, any conversations, which are few, are done over Skype or Whatsapp.

        As a freelance writer, I also have days, even busy ones, when I don’t speak a word aloud. Frequently, I conduct all professional and personal interactions by email or text from my apartment. I communicated with my team mates using Whatsapp because its very easy to snap a pic, record an video and sent messages to the others. Its very fast way to communicate. Althought today we has Facebook, Twitter or Wechat, i would  prefer to Whatsapps.

      8 years ago, still in the social-media stone age of Friendster or Myspace and not yet texting, I often talked to friends on the phone during the day, sometimes while walking or running errands.

       Now, of course, hardly anyone calls, at least not without a pre-emptive “Are you free to talk?” text.
Because right now, orang sudah malas nak bercakap dan cukup dengan hantar mesej. Untuk urusan perkerjaan hubungi client melalui telefon itu perlu, kerana untuk bagi maklumat yang jelas. Kalau untuk berkomunikasi dengan staff sekerja, aku prefer  Whatsapp sahaja..

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  1. True to that, but sometimes too much texting can make u feel a lot less human especially when being around ur friends and family...personally i dont detest texting but always the message is misconstrued...no emotion..no feelings...like lying with a straight face

  2. Agree.. kecanggihan teknologi menyekat hubungan manusia dan pencipta. Bergantung kpd individu bagaimana utk memanfaatkan teknologi tersebut...
    Btw.. a good sharing..

    Cik Madu


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