I Choose Loafers, How about u all?

Jun 23, 2015

My Loafer during working hours..

            Men are not like women, they do not need a wardrobe filled with thousands of pair of shoes in a time. All they need is just a few pairs of shoes for many occasions with the help of the ‘no-strings theory’. For me, i am using classic loafer (refer above picture). It’s every boy’s first dress shoe (no laces), looks perfect beaten-up and broken down through your college days, and later is formal enough for the office. It’s a lifelong wardrobe staple and all in all just about the most versatile shoe you will ever slip-on. 

But, why the loafers

              The new classic loafers with a twist in their designs make you believe in the rare theory of evolution. Earlier when I say loafers have gotten ‘meaner’ it’s more an expression as designers have added a few improvements to the old-school casual loafers. The result is the new species of loafers you can see now in the market. The new loafer design allowed just enough space for a feet in each shoe.

            The loafer had its heyday in the late nineteen fifties and early sixties. It make everything olds is new again. With socks, without socks, sometimes even with white tube socks and shorts, the loafer became a centerpiece of the newly solidifying post-war “Ivy Look”. For me, i prefer with short sock, so that its more comfortable.

              Now day, the social surrounding like the payphone and the loafer has come to its technological end. The smart phone has all but eradicated the phone booth, but the shoe abides, it’s back and stronger than ever. The classic loafer are now only worth the nostalgia they call forth, or maybe a bit of luck, but the loafer itself has become a timeless world classic, and in my humble opinion, worth every classic leather loafer.

            However the quickest and most stylish way out of the door is by getting a pair of loafers. Have you recently checked the latest collection of men loafers? They are now leaner, meaner and even dressier than ever! 

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  1. but how if 'some' men still need many shoes simply because they loveeeeee shoes :P


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